Special Electronic Systems

In addition to the systems discussed above, RSTS offer other specialized electronic systems. The company offers fiber optic solutions including design, installation, and implementation of fiber optic networks; designing and installing SCADA systems; design and installation of control systems.

Fiber Optics Solutions

RSTS offers Fiber Optics Solutions to its clients. The professionals behind the company are skilled and knowledgeable in the field of Fiber Optics, allowing it to come up with the system designs suited to the needs and demands of the clients. We know that Fiber Optics solutions address a wide range of necessities; and for this reason, RSTS tailors its Fiber Optics design to these specific necessities.

Our Fiber Optics solutions intend to address the needs of offices, health care facilities, public utilities, network service providers, airports, data centers, and many others, focusing on the need for efficient transmissions, communications, and interconnections.

SCADA Systems

RSTS offers the installation of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems for every kind of facility. In having a SCADA system in your establishment, you will be able to significantly cut on labor costs, while at the same time improving system efficiency, performance, and reliability. With a SCADA system, the need for actual physical inspection of systems by personnel may be reduced, optimizing human and other resources.

Control Systems

RSTS designs, installs, and implements control systems for your facility. Whatever it is you intend to have a central controlling unit for, RSTS is the one to call. Our team of qualified electronic professionals and engineers can surely come up with the electric and electronic design and control system, tailored to your specific requirements, necessary for a holistic management of your facility.

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The Company specializes in Security,Fire,BMS,and AV Systems, and is a major contender in the engineering Systems integration market.