RSTS was formed by The International Development Group (IDG). IDG operate from executive offices throughout Saudi Arabia, with in-Kingdom staff exceeding 9,000 employees. IDG has a paid up capital of 30 million Riyals, and utilizes a working capital in excess of SR100 million.

In its years of operation, RSTS has been expanding and it constantly is. Its continued operation is also a pursuit to improve the services it offers, aiming to always be ahead of all its competitors to offer the best kind of service to its every client.

RSTS is backed by a team of professionals, skilled persons, and experts in the industry, dedicated to offering the best kind of service every time. The RSTS staff is carefully recruited among a number of qualified and experienced electronics and systems engineers, ensuring to have only the most qualified persons on board. The professionals behind RSTS have the capabilities needed to design, procure, install, and test and commission major low current systems.

The professionals in the RSTS also constantly undertakes further researches and studies in order to constantly formulate more effective systems and in turn, provide more optimized and operational Systems Integration Services and other Electronic and Building Management Systems.

RSTS owns DASH Control Systems (, specializing in the design, and installation of industrial control systems; and DASH Systems, a software house. DASH Control Systems is yet another manifestation of the company's expertise; staying true to its mission of providing extensive and expanded systems and electronic services to its varied clients, fulfilling their varied needs as well.

A priority task early in the development of the company was the establishment of specific operating standards that define exactly the management of substantial projects. These processes are defined and documented in a detailed “Project Technical Approach” document, which in itself is a testimony to the controlled and professional manner in which the company manages its projects.

The every step included in the "Project Technical Approach" employed by RSTS is intricately, carefully, and deliberately accomplished, ensuring quality work every step of the way.

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The Company specializes in Security,Fire,BMS,and AV Systems, and is a major contender in the engineering Systems integration market.