Audiovisual Systems

Audiovisual systems are essential to your establishment, most especially if you are one that offers entertainment, social facilities, and other areas for gathering. RSTS offers Audiovisual Systems inclusive of all the necessary equipment and installation done by our team of professionals. In our AV system installation, we consider sound and visual engineering, strategically implementing the requirements to maximize use of the same.

In our years of experience offering this kind of service, we have gained the necessary expertise in order to implement effective and operational AV system. We have catered to a number of clients in the past, big and small.

We have proven our capabilities in this area through our evolvement in the King Abdul Aziz Historical Center (KAHC) where we installed an advanced AV system throughout the center and covered the national museum, a restored palace, and a library. The site is a monument and model for modern AV systems' implementation.

In addition to this, we have installed an AV system for a major auditorium in the center.

Video On Demand

With the use of video on demand technology, the system utilizes a network of powerful computers to stream audio and video to destination devices. This service is ideal for live streaming and remote viewing of the events. Our Video On Demand service guarantees streaming in real time, and in the best viewing quality.

Who Needs an AV System?

Among the many facilities that require and AV system, below are a few of the establishments that call for this kind of service most frequently:

Educational Centers.We install AV systems to educational centers. Whether they require the same for their library, auditorium, or in their educational AV room, we provide the necessary equipment and implement to facilitate the learning experience through the AV systems.

Business Centers.Business centers that require AV facilities in order to undertake business presentations, products and services launch, or any other business or corporate events may require our AV systems services. We gladly provide this service to any type of business or organization, big or small.

Entertainment Centers.RSTS takes pride in having the equipment that are at par with the standards of entertainment centers. Our AV implements are of superior quality, enabling the audience and customers of entertainment centers to experience excellent AV systems every time.

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