Building Management Systems

BMS are essential tool for managing and coordinating building resources including lighting systems, air conditioning, power generation and consumption, audiovisual devices, security and safety systems, and other electrical and electronic devices.

Having a building management system for your establishment is essential for overall control of your facilities, promoting efficient use and consumption of energy and resources. An all-encompassing control for your establishment may aid in the management of your facility in general, also implying ease of use and access to your equipment too.

Through a building management system, taking note of the operation and maintenance needs of your establishment is made easier. As you are able to control your lighting and AC systems, power generation, AV and safety systems, and electronic devices, you get to have an overview of the essential equipment running your facility.

RSTS works with leading manufacturers and suppliers of integrated building management systems which enable engineering companies to construct truly integrated control and management solutions.

We make sure that we get only the best and state-of-the-art equipment for the building management system needs of our clients. RSTS intends to provide building management solutions that are to stand the test of time: of high quality and durability.

The company makes it possible for proprietary system, as well as standard protocols, to be implemented in an integrated environment. Our systems enable management over centralized control systems as well as distributed management and Internet/intranet control. Data-acquisition products can read raw data from field sensors and inputs, and fixed-function distributed controllers are available which are easy to install, engineer and maintain.

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The Company specializes in Security,Fire,BMS,and AV Systems, and is a major contender in the engineering Systems integration market.