Fire Systems

We offer a number of detection methods including addressable smoke, heat, rate of temperature rise, gas, and other detectors. In addition, we are also capable of designing and installing unique addressable VESDA detectors for special implementations such as computer rooms, special electrical generators, etc.

On the fire fighting side, we offer FM200, CO2, and Inergin GAS dumps. Inergin, in particular, is now the choice of safety specialists because of its human friendly and environmentally accepted feature

Why You Need a Firefighting System

While most establishments and facilities install fire systems only to abide by the government's fire and safety standards, there are more compelling reasons to have this kind of system in your property. To begin with, having a fire system should save your property. A lot of reported fire incidences have shown a reduced fire damage due to fire fightingimplements, and if you intend to have the same protection for your property, installing fire systems is a must.

You can also save lives with a fire system installed in your property. In having a reliable implement to minimize the outbreak and spreading of fire, you are able to create a facility that is safe and protective not just of your property, but of the people in it as well.

RSTS Fire Systems

Reliable Fire Detection Methods.The Fire detection methods implemented by RSTS are reliable, making sure that fire is averted before it gets worse. Addressable smoke, heat, rate of temperature rise, gas, and other detectors are installed within the property in strategic points in order to effectively operate when needed.

Safe and Environment Friendly Fire Fighting Substances.RSTS believes that fire fighting substances may be those that are sustainable and environment friendly. With this, RSTS employs the responsible use of fire fighting substances such as FM200, CO2, and Ingerin GAS dumps.

Cost Efficient and Quality. The Fire Systems by RSTS are cost efficient while of superior quality at the same time. Why invest on fire fighting systems with questionable quality and reliability when you can rely the RSTS fire fighting systems?

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