RSTS has been successful in establishing strong engineering enterprise. The company's comprehensive engineering capabilities, backed up by the extensive engineering expertise of our associates and the substantial financial and managerial resources of its sister company, represent a unique qualified source for innovative concepts, designs, engineering, installation and management.

Qualified Engineers and Experts in the Industry

Engineering jobs require careful planning and implementation, owing to the delicate requirements of this kind of work. RSTS is backed up with a team of qualified engineers and experts in the industry, ensuring successful engineering and systems integration all the time. The strict recruitment process adhered to by RSTS is a guarantee that they have no one less than the best in the field, and in turn, guaranteeing the best kind of engineering and systems integration services every time.

Our staff is composed of a mix of operational and engineering personnel, with rich experience in the management and application of technology, strongly oriented toward the user and problems in the field. This practical orientation produces solutions that work in the real world environment and not just on engineering drawings. In addition to the capabilities of our own in-house staff.

Dedicated to Providing Practical and Practicable Engineering Services and Solutions

RST believes that its services are called for practical purposes; and it intends to provide practical, effective, and efficient solutions to its clients. Its qualified engineers, experts, and staff, share the same goals too, creating a culture of excellence in the company expanding to its every service offered.

RSTS have established close working relationships with several specialized and highly experienced systems consultants. This working relationship partnership enables RSTS to come up with the most practicable and practical engineering, electronic, and systems integration solutions in the market.

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The Company specializes in Security,Fire,BMS,and AV Systems, and is a major contender in the engineering Systems integration market.