Security Systems

In this modern day and age, theft and robbery, and other breach of property security has been occurring in increasing frequency. With this, it has become a necessity to effectuate security implements for one's establishment or facility in order to ward it off against possible crimes against security.

The Security Systems offered by RSTS intends to promote safety and security to your facility or establishment. Our state-of-the-art security implements and equipment are reliable, guaranteeing that it stays true to its purpose. Installation of these security systems are undertake by our roster of professionals too, ensuring that they are strategically positioned, maximizing the vantage point of the security systems.

Why Install Security Systems?

If you are having second thoughts in investing in the security systems for your property, below are some compelling reasons as to why you to invest in it:

1. Protect Your Property. Having invested a lot on building your property, all the more you should aim to provide utmost security to the same. Having Perimeter Security systems guarantees that trespassers, criminals, and other negative elements are warded off of your property. This could be especially useful if you have other valuable implements around your perimeter. Having security guards and reinforcements around your area is never enough.

2. Protect Your Investments. Think of how much you can lose if you fall prey to crimes such as theft, or organized robbery, and you'll realize that it's too much compared to the minimal costs you may have to shell out in order to have CCTVs, Access Control Systems, Physical Security Systems, and Security Management Systems on your site. Not to mention that the peace of mind that come along with prevention could be priceless.

3. Avert Potential Damage to Your Business. In being able to install security implements to your property, you are able to avert potential damage to your business. Suspended operations and delayed transactions are just a few of the effects of experiencing security breach. Is getting by without security systems worth the risk?

RSTS offers effective and operational security systems suited for your particular needs. Find them below:

CCTV Systems

For over ten years, we have been able to offer our clients the latest CCTV technologies available. Our cameras range from day and night, to color night vision, and even thermal imaging based cameras. Our systems are based on the most sophisticated microprocessor systems to manage powerful matrix switchers which incorporate a number of features that are ideal for use with sophisticated Security Management Systems. More recently, we have been offering our clients a complete IP-based CCTV solutions which incorporate IP cameras, virtual switching and multiplexing, and digital recording.

Access Control Systems

Our access control systems utilize a network of access card readers and access control units to identify and grant access using a special proximity access ID card. Our engineers have been working with ACS for over twenty years and have a working knowledge in most advanced systems, including long range access control, vehicular access management, time and attendance, guard tour control, and tagging systems.

Security Management Systems

Security Management Systems are critical for the management and integration of security systems. The systems we offer are all designed with the objective of offering robust, user-friendly management tools. The flexibility in our security management systems enable clients to design the security management systems in the way in which they see appropriate to their individual requirements. All our security management systems are capable of integrating with other systems, expanding, and managing multiple sites over locations throughout the country.

Perimeter Security Systems

The perimeter intrusion systems we offer are based on two main technologies. The first is based on installation of special cables, usually coaxial or fiber optics cables, buried or installed on the perimeter fence or walls. The other type of detection utilizes a microwave technology, relying on transmitters and receivers along the inner boundaries of the site. This is in addition to systems based on IR, detection curtains, and detection beams.

Physical Security Systems

We have supplied to a number of clients number of physical security systems including walkthrough detectors, mail X-ray systems, and sniffers. These systems are used by highly secure organizations, air and seaports, and strategic installation.

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